Wallpaper Hanging

Professional wallpaper hanging in Romsey, New Forest, and Winchester

Having had thousands of discussions, and given thousands of quotes to my valued customers over the years – everywhere from Winchester, through New Forest, to Romsey – the decorating job that people dread the most is hanging wallpaper.

As a professional painter and decorator, I can understand that concern: there’s so much work involved in what seems to be a simple task, that it can easily become overwhelming.

Luckily, you don’t you have to do it yourself. You can call me today, and have one of the most experienced and reliable painters and decorators in Hampshire take the stress out of wallpaper hanging for you.

Wall designed by our professional painter

An end-to-end process

Hanging wallpaper is an arduous job, with many opportunities for errors that are as expensive and time-consuming as they are frustrating. I will handle the whole process for you, from stripping the old paper to trimming the final edges.

Some of the tasks I will do for you, as part of my wallpaper hanging service, include the following:

A home visit

I always visit my customers prior to the job, in order to size up their requirements, and this is never more important than when it comes to hanging wallpaper. I will take accurate measurements of the dimensions of the room and calculate how much wallpaper you will need in order to paper to your satisfaction.

Cleaning, prepping, and lining

Whether you’re planning long- or short-term you should always want your wallpaper to potentially last a lifetime. The key to that is in adequate preparation. When I hang wallpaper for a client, I take care stripping any existing wallpaper, attending to any minor faults in the plasterwork, and ensuring a clean, level surface. If you need it, or request it, I will also add a layer of lining paper, to produce a smoother, more luxuriant finish.

Cleaning and prepping wallpaper hanged in the client house

Cutting and pasting

Needlessly wasted wallpaper is something that nobody wants, as it is both time-consuming and expensive, not to mention frustrating. The best way to avoid it is to measure the height of the wall for each new piece of wallpaper to be hung, and to cut accurately. Also, making sure that the wallpaper paste is mixed to the correct consistency and applied evenly to the back of the paper ensures no air bubbles, or unnecessary tears in the paper.

Switches and sockets

It’s easy to make a mess of your wallpaper as it accommodates light switches, wall sockets and other items that protrude from the wall. Likewise, getting a flush trim with the ceiling, skirting board, and dado rail is not a simple task. As an experienced and qualified painter and decorator, I take pride in the neatness of my work, something that numerous recommendations from satisfied clients can attest to.

Call me

From Romsey to New Forest to Winchester, and all over the rest of Hampshire, I am available for all your wallpaper hanging needs. Call Graham C. Fisher – your local painter and decorator – today, on 01794 501 075 or 07776 444 311. Let me arrange a home visit with you, and work out a FREE, no-obligation quote tailored exclusively to you and your needs.