Painting & Decorating

Professional painting and decorating in Romsey, New Forest, and Winchester

As a professional painter and decorator, the most common projects people ask me to get involved in are… well… painting and decorating.

No real surprise there, but no matter how simple the label makes it sound, it can cover a multitude of different jobs, each of which is handled with the same precision and quality as any other.

painted and decorated by our experts

What it involves

Different people have different needs when it comes to painting and decorating and, as a City & Guilds qualified painter and decorator and a member of the Painting and Decorating Association, I understand that, and I am able to meet those requirements.

Some of the painting and decorating tasks I can perform for you include, but are not limited to the following:

designed as per the client requirements

Deciding what you want

It is always your decision how you want your rooms decorated, but I’ll be there to help you every step of the way, offering my experience and expertise in matters of paints and finishes.

I always start with a visit to your home, during which I can see the layout of any areas you wish to have painted, and discuss the specifics of the job. Once you have chosen you colours and your requirements, you can leave the rest to me.

Walls and ceilings

The mainstay of any painting and decorating job. As part of my service, I will clear and prep the walls and ceiling to a smooth high-quality finish. Using a Festool dust extraction system which virtually eliminates all dust produced. This involves stripping any existing wallpaper, filling any minor imperfections in the plaster, and levelling off where necessary.

I always use well-known, branded paints to paint your walls and ceilings, and not just because of name recognition. I use them because, over the last 20 years, I have found them to be the most effective, long-lasting, and durable products on the market, and only fitting when it comes to giving my customers the best.

Skirting boards and dado rails

As well as your main walls, I can also paint your skirting boards, dado rails, cornices, and any other accent spaces you might have in the room. While you might already have a colour scheme in mind, I can offer you the benefit of my experience in the industry by suggesting good colours for your skirting boards that will either contrast or complement the colour of your walls.

damaged wooden doors
repaired wooden doors

Wooden doors and window frames

It is essential to consider any wooden doors and window frames when redecorating a property. Like skirting boards and dado rails, they are often painted to provide an accent to a room, but extra care needs to be taken in the painting process to avoid damaging the glass, or clogging up the hinges. Needless to say, I always take extra precautions when dealing with your window frames and doors.

painted and decorated kitchen
painted wooden stairs
wooden door damaged
wooden door repaired by our experts

Call me

Whether you need window frames painting in Winchester, skirting boards painting in New Forest, or a whole room decorating in Romsey, call me today on

01794 501 075 or 07776 444 311. As your local painter and decorator, I will arrange a visit and provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote

for the job you need doing.