Professional interior and exterior decorating in Romsey and Winchester

While interior decorating and wallpaper hanging might make up the bulk of my work, I am just as happy helping you make the most of the outside of your property too.


Exterior painting and decorating differs from interior painting and decorating in a couple of major regards, but by hiring me for the job, you can guarantee the same high level of quality and finish, no matter where the work needs doing.

What it involves

As a fully-qualified City & Guilds painter and decorator and a full member of the PDA (Painting and Decorating Association) I understand the differences in technique and approach between interior and exterior decorating and I am able to meet whatever your requirements might be.


You can find out more about my interior decorating services, elsewhere on this site. For now, let’s discuss what takes place with an exterior painting job.

Deciding what you want

The outside of your house is as much a part of its character as the inside. While it will always be your decision how you want the exterior of your house painting, I’ll be there from the beginning, offering expertise and experience regarding the types of paint you’ll need, and the best finishes you can attain for your house.


The job begins with a visit to your property, so I can inspect the exterior brickwork and existing paintwork to determine the best way to approach the job. Once we have agreed the best paint job for your house, and you are happy with the colour, you can safely leave the rest up to me.

Preparing the walls

Probably the biggest difference between exterior and interior painting and decorating, is the amount and extent of preparation required for the former. Whilst an internal wall might need a bit of filling here, or a bit of sanding off there to get a good, clean surface for painting, the same is rarely true of exterior walls.


Tools and materials

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